2018 cover page of the magazine ARALYA, article of 3 pages with 3 images by chief redacteur Colette Page

2017 "a propo d'Ivana Minafra" text critique par Piero Cavalleri, directeur Passeart et critique d'art

2017 LIBERATION CHAMPAGNE TROYES "Ivana Minafra, un parfum d'optimisme"
 article/image 26 MAI 2017

2016 “Satura RDV”
 Exhibit Presentation Revue (Genoa – Italy),  three pages of texts and images by Elena Colombo, art historian
2015 The Fresno Bee (Fresno CA) “from Paris to Fresno Show Article/image by Donald Munro
7th Mai 2015

2015 L’Est Republicain Nancy “Sortir du gris” article/image
2015 L’Est Republicain “Ivana Minafra made in USA” Article/image by Pascal Najean

2015 L’Est Republicain
 “Vernissage de l’exposition Verso la Luce” Culture Section article/image 20 January 2015

2014 L’Est Republicain Meuthe et Moselle (daily French newspaper) “Ivana Minafra expose au chateau” Article/image 20 September 2014

2013L’hebdo du vendredi Troyes
 “une jolie selection d’artistes pour la 28eme arrive” Article/image 31 Mai 2013
2013L’est republicain Nancy
 “la lumière brillait au N° 11” article/image

2010 “emoi et moi” Exhibit Presentation Book by Expressions and Conseil General de la Meuse, texts and images by Pierre van Tieghem (Art historian)
2010 Luxemburger Wort.
 “Ivana Minafra zeigt ihre Gemâlde in Oberkorn”, article/image by Gast Freyman, culture section, 21st April 2010

2007 L’Est republicain (French daily newspaper)”prête à colorer”, culture section, article/image

2005 L’Est republicain (French daily newspaper)
”le vernis du talent”,culture section, article/image

1998Il Corriere Mercantile di Genova ( Italian daily newspaper),”artisti liguri”, Art and culture section, article/image

1998      Il Giornale (Genoa ),(Italian daily newspaper)
”ecco arte oggi, moderni mecenati a caccia di artisti” art and culture section, article/image by Monica Bottino.
1998      Il Secolo XIX (Genoa),(Italian daily newspaper),
”il talento e l’azzardo di tre giovani artisti”, forme e colori section, article by Germano Beringheli (art critic)


Reportages TV et autres documents video

2012Mai 23rd   France 3 Midi Pyrenées12/13 video reportage on Vivart 2012 with zoom and comments on my paintings
2013 April 29th France 3 Lorraine 19/20 video reportage on my artworks shot in my studio by Frank Gaillet
2015 Video reportage on Invisible Cities group exhibit by Lunartecollective , at Corridor 2122 Gallery (Fresno CA), video by Marc Baraka Strauch