cover page of the contemporary art magazine ARALYA

cover page of the art contemporary magazine  ARALYA

cover page of the art contemporary magazine





Born in Genoa,  Italy, in 1971
tudied at Fine Arts Academy of Genoa

Since 2003 living and working in Bar le Duc, France



2018 “profondeurs” 1821 Gallery (Fresno, California)

2108 "Trafic" Stackl'r Gallery (Sedan, France)

2017 "Suspendus dans la lumière" Passeart Gallery, (Troyes, France) 

2017 "Instants suspendus" Mediatheque Jean Juekens, Château de Marbot (Bar le Duc, France)

2016 “traces of california” 1821 Art Gallery (Fresno, California, USA)

2016 “poesie urbaine” Galerie La Republique (St Dizier, France)

2015 “verso la luce & my crazy flowers” Galerie HD (Nancy, France)

2015 “verso la luce” Espace Culturel Copary (Meuse, France)

2014 “verso la luce” Centre d'art le Château ( Nancy, France)

2011 “routes”  Centre Ipousteguy (Dun-sur-Meuse, France)

2010  Noppeney Gallery  (Differdange, Luxembourg) 

2009 “belval et autres realités”  KLEBER  centre of arts (Luxembourg Ville, Luxembourg)

2007 Galerie du P’tit Michaux (Bar le duc, France)

1998 Romantik Hotel Villa Pagoda (Genoa Italy) , presented by the former academy director and internationally known artist Raimondo Sirotti



2017 "ART IS ALL YOU NEED III", Galerie Mondapart (Paris, France)

2016 "URBAN" Linus Gallery, online show

2016 “reflector”, invited by curator Desirae Gomez, Pacific University of Fresno (California)

2016 FESTIVAL ARALAYA (on line selective contest)

2016 Vagabondages” STACKL’R Gallery (Sedan, Champagne Ardenne, France)

2016 “Satura rendez-vous”  SATURA art gallery (Genoa, Italy)

2016 "PREMIO ARTE NOVARA" (Novara, Italy)

2015 “Invisible Cities”  Corridor 2122 Gallery (Fresno, California,USA)

2015 Galerie Cridart (Metz, France)

2014 “Beauty of the World” Metanoia Gallery (Paris, France)

2014 “Nouvelles Florides”  Metanoia Gallery (Paris, France)

2013 “un seul grain de riz” Metanoia Gallery (Paris, France)
2013 Atelier 33 Private show rue Dupont des Loges (Nancy, France) 

2012  VIVART  2012 -ALBI  Moulin des Albigeois (Albi, France) 

2010 "Emoi et moi" Expressions Cultural and Artistical Institution - Conseil General de la Meuse (Bar le Duc France) 

2008  Salon de Mai – Paris


2007 Salon d’Automne – Paris

2006  Salon d’Automne - Paris  

2005  International SS325 Award (Prato, Florence, Italy)



Referenced artist at Galerie Cridart (Metz-France

Referenced artist at STACKL'R GALLERY SEDAN (France)

Referenced artist at 1821 Gallery and studios (Fresno-California-USA)












I've always been inspired by everyday's life;
 ordinary images, roads, entrance halls, parked cars, buildings, public swimming pools...
things apparently void of any beauty or interest, on which the eye never stops.
 They represent for me quietness and charm when they are revealed by sunlight.
 They thus reveal themselves as the instruments of a universal language, moments suspended in the present,
 a transition zone, stages of a path tended to the rays of the sun.
I let them take me into a parallel dimension, which lays just underneath the dusty veil of routine and absent-mindedness so often covering our sight with dust.
When I paint them I want to reveal their hidden beauty to anyone living in the same real world.
Is this not the real aim, mission of the artist?
To reveal the invisible?

My characters, when they are present, are part of the scene,
have the same value that’s around them.
They are nobody and everybody, simply representing human prensence.
Their faces have no features for they aspire universality, interpreting space and light like notes on a music sheet.

I have always had an extraordinary dense oniric life:

when I dream of a real place, like the place where I live or any oher place, this has always the same carthography.
I can orientate myself in the dream because I remember my former oniric experiences in it. My oniric Paris, for example, never changes and it's similar to real Paris but  always more vivid, its spaces wider, its colors more lively, its perspectivres more vertigineus, the light brighter!
So, maybe, that's what I try to do by painting places, I try to concretise my oniric carthography.

Technically, I follow the principal of least effort that is to say I use the minimum
means of expressivness and picturial. 
I aspire to be weighless, representing essentially light, air and space.
I want to gather the suspended moments, the modest and powerful beauty of the ordinary.